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  Is S3 the first 2-wheeled model with a handlebar in Airwheel?  

Yes. Later we will launch more thrilling 2-wheeld models, stay tuned!

  How to turn on the Bluetooth function on S3?  

First power on the master power source on the wheel base. You’ll hear a prompt, which indicates the Bluetooth function is ready, enable the Bluetooth connection on your smart phone, search for the physical address of S3, and pair them.

  What is S3’s maximum load? Can I (weighing 100kg) ride it?  

It’s Okay, its maximum load is 120kg.

  Can I get a replacement if I lost my remote key?  

Yes, please contact your local official distributor.

  Why does the battery drop when I charge the unit to the full before storing it for a couple of days?  

Because part of the control circuit is still at work even if you turn off the remote key. So please turn off the master power button, and the power discharge will be cut off.

  I stepped on the unit when it’s off and the kick-stand got broken, why’s that?  

The gyro starts working when the unit is powered on. If you step on it when it’s off, your body weight will be supported on the single piece of kick stand. So we do not suggest you stand on the unit when it’s off, and please remember to fold the kick stand when the unit is powered on.

  Why does S3 go forward by itself after it’s powered on?  

Because S3 is calibrated without the handlebar. So when the handlebar and control shaft are installed, its center of gravity will naturally lean forward, so S3 will go forward. Please remember to hold the unit when powering it on.

  Why is it tricky to connect and disconnect the control shaft to/from the wheel base every time?  

There’s a limit slot at the joint end of control shaft and installing base. It’ll be difficult if you don’t connect/disconnect it as per the direction of limit slot.

  How long does it take to charge?  

The charge time varies with battery capacity. Please refer to user manuals for specific charge time.

  How can I tell the total mileage?  

When powering the unit by the remote key, the mileage will be shown on the display (below the battery power).

  Can I claim a warranty if I didn’t buy from an authorized distributor?  

Sorry, we only offer warranty to those bought from authorized distributors.

  Can I charge my Airwheel with a non-original charger bought online?  

Please always charge your Airwheel with the original charger, otherwise it may cause battery damage or failure (not covered by warranty).

  How can I tell whether Airwheel is fully charged?  

The LED light on the charger will be red on when charging, and it will turn green when fully charged.

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