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  Why my Airwheel “wobbles”in motion?  

As a starter, Airwheel may shift sideways when you shift your center of gravity to maintain balance on the unit, it’s normal.

  How do I choose a proper one out of so many models in Q-series?  

It’s totally up to you! Key factors for reference are color, weight and battery range.

  Why there’s a considerable price difference on Q3?  

Q3’s retail price varies with its battery version.

  Can I claim a warranty if I didn’t buy from an authorized distributor?  

Sorry, we only offer warranty to those bought from authorized distributors.

  Can I charge my Airwheel with a non-original charger bought online?  

Please always charge your Airwheel with the original charger, otherwise it may cause battery damage or failure (not covered by warranty).

  How can I tell whether Airwheel is fully charged?  

The LED light on the charger will be red on when charging, and it will turn green when fully charged.

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