Airwheel F3DesignFunction Parameter

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All-round system revolution

Science and technology is not piling up, but be brave in changing. It’s neitheran ordinary subtractionnor a simple addition of functions, it’s another revolution.

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Potent Power

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Revolution and innovation

electric one wheel airwheel

Connect to mobile phone, travel with Intelligence

You can look over information of your vehicle condition at any times, and locateyour vehicle all day. Intelligent control system of Airwheel not only makes judgment of kinds of emergencies, but also it can monitor the security systems in real time and give alarm reminding in time.

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Vehicle Positioning

electric one wheel airwheel

Safety protection

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Alarm warning

Breakthrough is the result of innovation, and quality comes from diligence.

Intelligent technology makes everything easier.with new system, F3 pushes science and technology to subtraction from addition.Science and technology is not piling up, but be brave in changing.

double backup system

intelligent balance chip, a double battery protection board.

Airwheel s3 温度 intelligent system

Invisible and powerful, it answers your call at any time, making the operation more smoothly.

Airwheel s3 电量 Electromagnetic suspension motor

it omits a lot of driving parts, and makes the motor structure simpler, which greatly reduces friction.

Airwheel s3 距离 Gyroscope technology

aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, gyroscope system

Light body material

High-tech nanomaterials aresolid and abrasion resistant, never deformation, more light and convenient to use.

imported battery

Original imported Sony Li-ion battery which is more powerful and has better acceleration. The battery features 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries.

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Comprehensive protection



    Effectively avoid battery damage caused by over-discharge.



    Effectively avoid battery damage caused by overcharge.



    Employ active protection technology to avoid mainboard and battery damage caused by short circuit.



    Intelligent real-time detection of in-out current and automatic power cut in case of overpower.



    Use thermistor and temperature control system to ensure a safe temperature range for the battery.



    Special electronic technique is applied to minimize single voltage deviation and raise battery efficiency.

Customized Tyre

Better trafficability characteristic and stability,customized Tyre isdesigned to be bumpy-patternedfor better grip,heat dissipation andabrasion performance.

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